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CryptoDukes was founded in 2014 by Jaden Monahan, an experienced online trader and financial entrepreneur. Jaden was dedicated to create an enriching environment for traders to exchange ideas, information and trading strategies aiming to enhance each members’ trading tools and profitability. Becoming a CryptoDuke, each member gains access to trading tips, recommendations and market forecasts provided by the best Bitcoin traders in the field.
As a club that sanctifies excellence in trading in general, and Bitcoin trading in particular, we have set ourselves the goal of creating and educating the future generation of Bitcoin traders. Each year CryptoDuke accepts a limited number of young and promising traders who show great potential to contribute to the evolution of the Bitcoin community. Our new members are provided with the latest trading tools and guidance by CryptoDukes’ senior members focusing on their personal and financial interests.

Exclusively for 2018 registration season: Jaden Monahan shares one of this favorite trading strategies

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About the founder

Jaden Monahan, 40
Place of residence: Bellevue Hill, Australia
Occupation: Financial and Business Consultant, Entrepreneur.
Marital Status: Married +3

Trading History: Jaden Monahan first discovered online trading in 2006. “I was a young guy who just started making enough money to start looking for investment opportunities. The world of online trading was still very new and not many people were taking part in it, but it got my attention. I started off small, making small trades each time, but quickly I gained more and more confidence as the profits started to rise”.

Crypto trading encompasses great opportunities for online traders, and as Bitcoin continues to draw global attention and new investors every day, Jaden acknowledged the need for a community for traders to share information, ideas, and trading tips.

Starting out with close friends and colleagues across the financial industry, Jaden founded Crypto Dukes and quickly experienced and leading traders were invited to join the exclusive group.

Today Jaden leads a group of over 500 traders, sharing their trading strategies, staying up to date with the latest news and innovations of the crypto world and supporting each-others’ personal and financial interests.

Each CryptoDuke enjoys the benefit of learning from the best in the field and gain access to trading strategies, tutorials and the latest news and forecasts for the crypto world.
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Top 5 cryptocurrencies Review

Release Year: 2009
Market Cap: $72,406,296,874
Daily Trading Volume: $824,881,000
2017 Price Change: 606.5%

Release Year: 2015
Market Cap: $29,296,827,559
Daily Trading Volume: $367,804,000
2017 Price Change: 2,345.6%

Release Year: 2012
Market Cap: $9,100,202,676
Daily Trading Volume: $83,505,200
2017 Price Change: 3,128.8%

Bitcoin Cash
Release Year: 2017
Market Cap: $5,940,651,606
Daily Trading Volume: $99,709,700
2017 Price Change: -35.9%

Release Year: 2011
Market Cap: $2,759,130,246
Daily Trading Volume: $47,948,000
2017 Price Change: 1,241.7%


Breakout Trading Strategy

There are many strategies for trading with cryptocurrencies, each one using a different set of information, timeframe and skills. The secret to becoming an exceptional trader is to find a trading strategy that fits your personal skills and preferences.

Day trading is defined as buying a selling a cryptocurrency in a single day. Normally, a day trader will hold each trade for less than a few hours, striving to make profits off the price changes that occur during the day.

Breakout trading is commonly used by day traders, as it requires immediate action and attention to the changes in price level.
Starting with the essentials, every crypto trader must be familiar and be able to understand the price chart, describing each coin’s history. Most trading platforms allow you to select your preferred display, each option exhibiting a variety of data.
For the Breakout Strategy, the best display to use is the candlestick display. Each candle stick represents the price changes over a selected period of time. If you chose an hourly display, a candlestick will exhibit the opening price, closing price and peak price over an hour. A red candlestick means that the price went down during the hour, so that the top of the candlestick stands for the opening price and the bottom for the closing price. Similarly, a green candlestick means that the price went up during the hour. A thin line, drawn from either side of the candlestick, represents the highest or lowest price level during that hour.

A “breakout” stands for the price level breaching the range it has been trending in over a certain period of time. Each cryptocurrency has a tendency to stay within a certain price range over the day, until the price range is breached, often followed by a rise in trading volume. A trader who is able to detect a breakout at the moment it occurs and “ride” the price rise until its’ end, selling right before the price pivots back down, could make a substantial profit, especially when trading with leverage, or even opening multiple trades on the same coin.

To establish the price range, one must find the “resistance level”, which is the upper trend line, and the “support level”, the lower trends line. The resistance level is very easy to find and mark by drawing a line between the three highest price levels. The support level is found similarly, by connecting the three lowest price levels. “Resistance” and “Support” illustrate price levels, that once reached, shift and trend in the opposite direction, thus marking the price range in between.
Breakout Trends occur when the Resistance or Support level is finally exceeded. A breakout breaching the “Resistance” means the price is about to rise, so we will chose to buy, and then choose a target price on which to exit and make a profit. When a breakout passes the “Support” level, we will expect the price to drop, and trade accordingly.
Breakouts are followed by enhanced trading, so detecting the initial stages of a breakout is crucial to make a significant profit. Be alert, quick and attentive to spot a breakout and act quickly, and your trading game will be better than ever.


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Each CryptoDuke enjoys the benefit of learning from the best in the field and gain access to trading strategies, tutorials and the latest news and forecasts for the crypto world.

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